Saturday, 2 July 2016

Week 8

Hey. Mid-semester break had ended and you guessed it, back to classes and assignments. Dr. Khalid was in charge of today's class and he taught us about a software called Movie Maker. It's a program widely used by teachers, V-loggers, artists and internet-users to record a video using either your computer's camera or compile multiple videos and audio altogether. I had seen a lot of YouTube artists who create videos using this program. For a person who prefer not to spend money to make videos, given I could find unpaid ones on the internet, this program is a huge plus for me. Dr. Khalid telling us about the benefits of it is like giving acknowledgement that particularly for students and teachers to use it. The task handed by Dr. was to combine two or three videos using Movie Maker based on the objectives. I love animation so much that I had to make a video about one. The title of my video is 'The Beauty of Japanese Animation'. It is a combination of 3 anime, Garden of Words, My Neighbour Totoro and Arrietty. These 3 hold a special place in my heart.

Although it is free, let's face it. It does have decent functions, is easy to learn and user-friendly. You can add visual effects, fade in or out your background audio, stabilize your recording and the most common of all editing, cut unnecessary parts and add new ones. There is plenty of online-tutorials explaining in detail how to make good use of the program. The only comments I have about Movie Maker is the inability to add certain images without them being part of the 'frames'. Meaning, I can't add an image to an existing video. I had tried adding images a few times but to no avail. Also, it is a major drawback that it tended to crash, so I would like to give a reminder to myself and readers of this post to always SAVE your Movie Maker progress if you don't want to lose anything important. Movie Maker is not the only video-editing software out there. The internet has loads to offer. Wax, Filmora and Avidemux are the names you will find on the internet available for download.

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