Friday, 8 July 2016

Week 13

There was no class but my friends and I went to the computer lab to finish the video-editing. We were there for about 4 hours. We stopped and resumed our work at the faculty of Education.We also recorded the narration part with Alia and Nuha and copied the recordings into my laptop. We proceeded with the editing once we arrived to college. I was glad that our lecturers gave us a week without class for the video completion process along with the pitching. The night before the EduTechnovation Day, Halimatun and I wrote the script for the pitching. We stayed a 7-hour long of editing at Burhanuddin Helmi College's cafe to combine the audio and video together. The day before was a bit of a hassle because we encountered a problem with Movie Maker. It could not detect the video and audio that we had inserted few days before which was upsetting. Everything was arranged nicely then the issue came up. The video was finally done alhamdulillah. We had learnt so much from this experience especially of patience and endurance.

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