Friday, 8 July 2016

Week 14

It was the 3rd of June. EduTechnovation Day was held at Dewan Budiman from 8.30 am to 12.00 pm. The screening of the video that everyone had been working so hard on was held. My group (Group 6) was supposed to handle the food but we were informed that Dr. Rosseni would be in charge of the food. I was then asked to be the time-keeper with Alia. I agreed because we get to sit at the very front. It's the screening time and I felt quite nervous at that time. Everyone did a wonderful job with their video, props to them for their hard work and determination. My group's video is titled Problems in Public Transport which was quite a humorous one as the audience laughed to some f the scenes. I was happy that it managed to grab the audience's attention but I do not know about the lecturers. We asked for some feedback but apparently they had nothing to say at that moment. Anyway, I am happy to have finally finished the video after days of recording and editing. I am sorry to have submitted this entry at the very last moment. I hope lecturers are reading this and won't think ill of me due to this late submission. Thank you so much to Dr. Fariza, Dr. Rosseni and Dr. Khalid for your guidance and advice. I had learnt so much from you. May Allah bless.

Our final product. Enjoy! Hehe

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