Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Week 4

We have come quite a long way. This week's activity was illustrating the ideas for our short video in a form of a storyboard.  The night before, we (Group 6) had a discussion about the story but everything was jumbled up in words while the rest of it remained as untold imaginations. Doing this actually helped bringing the ideas in a clear and visible manner. Dr. Rosseni and Dr. Fariza were both in the class, giving guidance and support in the best way possible. Each group was given a 'mahjong' paper, big enough for us to sketch the scenes. So, the title 'Everyday Struggles: Public Transport' was the one everybody had agreed upon. Down below is the picture of us sketching the draft of the storyboard. Each group was asked to present the storyboard afterwards. We listened to other groups' presentation first. A few useful advice was given by lecturers and friends to improve the ideas and themes. According to them, the video must have some sort of solutions to the problems. They wished us luck at the end of the class.

First draft

The complete storyboard

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