Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Week 5


It was already week 5 but to me, it still felt like the start of the semester. This week Dr. Fariza taught us about different forms of multimedia. We chose to present on elements in a poster. There were several other elements such as videos, mahjong papers, whiteboard and LCD slides.

Posters are used to showcase important information to capture the interest of audience. With little text and eye-catching visuals, posters are useful if used correctly. In short, the choice of illustration, font and colours should be relevant and suitable with the topic. Teachers can also emphasize the keywords on a poster instead of long, wordy explanation. A good way to utilize posters is assigning students to make their own in small groups. Apart from learning teamwork, students who are usually passive will be more motivated to display their skills as they would feel appreciated by peers and teachers.

An example of an educational poster

LCD slides and mahjong papers are perfect teaching and learning tools for classroom presentations. Slides can be used as alternatives for hand-outs and written materials. It would certainly benefit classes with an LCD projector but schools that couldn't afford to provide the advancement would have to rely mostly on whiteboards/blackboards for teachers to deliver the lesson. 

On the side note, we did not expect finishing the slides and present it at the spur of the moment. 

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