Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Week 3

Assalamualaikum and hi.
It was the 11th of March and I came a bit late to class. Luckily, it had not began yet which gave me quite a relief. It was Dr. Rosseni's turn to handle the class. She explained about the video assignment. and showed us a video of TESL seniors' past work. The first was a documentary of nature where a group of people showcased a collection of photos and videos from their travel. Some of the scenes captivated me, being a lover for nature myself. Dr. Rosseni gave many good advice to enhance our video production. One of the things she said is to ensure the transition of the music to sync with the video. Noticing that the voice of the casts were unclear, I would provide subtitles in the video and make sure the sound is audible to the audience. It is also important to cut out unnecessary scenes because the duration is limited to only 10 minutes. The second video is a drama called 'Taubat', also made by our seniors. It was impressive how it managed to give an emotional impact to the audience, which is also what I am looking to have in my group's video.

The compilation of videos, as well as input from Dr. Rosseni triggered ideas and motivation for me to harness the opportunities available to produce great results in the future. The activities altogether were fun and satisfying. One of the most memorable moments was when Dr. Rosseni brought gifts from Sarawak for everyone. Keychains! She also brought sweet cake-like treats and shared them with us. It was really kind and thoughtful of her. Seeing the way she speaks and treats people, I think she is a pleasant tutor anyone could have asked for. I am looking forward to meeting her in the next class.

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