Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Week 2

On the 4th of March, I met Dr. Fariza, my former lecturer for Computer in Edu. It was nice meeting her again and seeing how immersed she is every time she teaches brings back memories from the first semester. She had mentioned that reflections are mainly categorized in two, reflective and non-reflective. While a non-reflective writing is about habitual actions and the content of a particular experience or lesson, a reflective is the experience in relation to problem-solving, such as how the lesson helps us to understand a problem better. How the lesson affects our perception towards an issue or situation is considered reflective as it prompts critical thinking, a highly-required skill of the 21st century. I thought about the reflections I did for Educational Psychology and Computer in Edu and only a few manage to fit the reflective category. Still, learning something new made me satisfied.

The 5 elements of Educational Tech is design, develop, utilize, manage and evaluate. Dr. Fariza stresses on its importance, thus I wrote them down as I might easily forget things especially if it's verbose. All in all, it was a fun class and did not feel long at all. Dr. Fariza was so enthusiastic in conveying the lesson and I thought how great it would be if I could do the same. Somehow I felt that my passion for teaching had grew. I also managed to keep track of the whole lesson which I wish to maintain for future classes. Thank you for reading!

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